We're able to remove paint and rust to your car without causing further damage compared to traditional sanding or grinding. We provide paint stripping, rust removal, powder coating removal, and chrome removal services. With the power of Dustless Blasting®, we can restore your ride safely and effectively. 



We know your home and business are important to you. If you have a project that needs to be done but seems impossible for one person, give us a call! We offer graffiti removal, brick and wood restoration, pool tile cleaning, and more. We can get your home back in tip-top shape.


Do you have a tractor that could use a new coat of paint in place of the rust? Or is there curb paint you want to be removed? We can help remove rust, industrial-strength coating, and old paint to restore any surface to a new clean slate! Our eco-friendly process produces no dust plumes, electricity, or sparks.



Maintaining the upkeep of your boat to ensure its best performance and appearance is wise. The water can do a number on your boat, from marine growth to rust, there are many factors that are detrimental. We can rid your hull of rust, barnacle, epoxy, and anti-fouling paint so you can get back on the water and set sail!

The Hudson Valleys Mobil surface restoration and preparation professionals.

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