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The Surface Preparation Specialists

We're Surface Prep Pros LLC, your local blasting professionals in the Tri-state area, and surrounding areas. We're here to help you with all of your surface preparation needs. Our services include automotive paint stripping, marine maintenance, residential restoration, and more. We can do it all! No matter how big or small your project is, we can get the job done with our efficient and effective dustless blasting process. The applications are endless and the results are guaranteed! 

We're mobile so we come to you.

Our services eliminate the need for you to transport heavy equipment, lug wood, and antiques, or tow your boat to us. We come to you to get the job done.

What We Provide

Safe Surface Preparation

Our dustless blasting method makes restoring your surface a breeze. It's safe for all surfaces, preventing further damage compared to sandblasting 

Eco-Friendly Solution

Our environmentally-friendly abrasives like crushed glass and walnut shells can remove rust, paint, and grime from a variety of substrates safely

Fast and Effective Results

We provide faster job completion times and more effective, reliable results with the power and technology of dustless blasting

The Hudson Valleys Mobil surface restoration and preparation professionals.

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